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The current issues

The issues affecting me personally and the fight I have on behalf of better part of HUMANITY.

Some people are afraid to attack the system because they do not know how to do it.
To assist, I am including here the copies of all documents I lodged in courts in my fight against the system.
I want to encourage other people to use them, modify them, improve on them – especially my early attempts, or to seek an inspiration......

there are no copyrights - part 1
there are no copyrights - part 2
there are no copyrights - part 3
there are no copyrights - part 4

4 part miniseries - fighting the fines

08.11.2018 - The problem with the moron has been solved thanks to the effort of another person, however interesting are responses from 'responsible' institutions.
Ian, showed again his arrogance by not replying and that individual has well deserved reputation in this area.

30.09.2018 - Some health issues have been keeping me low. However, life is still going on.
I discovered that I am truly an 'outlaw', not in the meaning as is commonly known but I am prevented 'legally' to use 'legal system' to protect my rights and even the guardians of community safety decline to offer me the minimum protection.
Well, such is life in this degenerated, perfidious, rotten, corrupt creation called 'democracy'.

I believe that QPS should be declared by Courts as a criminal organization, and another real organization should be taking care of the safety in our community.

2017 - Revenge of cochroaches - Although, this is a ‘private’ matter
I decided to publish letters and documents to show how mongrels from Centrelink operate

17.11.2015 - Received the final rejection from high court. 'the proposed appeal would involve groundless attacks on the justices of the court of appeal, the primary judge, and the legal profession’. Legal Mafia interests have to be protected and disclosure of rottenness and depravity in the system cannot be ‘oficially’ disclosed, to maintain the legend that anglo ‘judges’ are ‘fair’, ‘honest’, ‘ethical’.
BTW - guess who made the decision so favourable to Queensland joodiciary? -
another mongrel in the high court from Queensland - Patrick Anthony Keane. Surprised?

If you are still thinking that any member of anglo judiciary is honest - you better go to Bunnings, buy the biggest hammer they have and use it on your head. One idiot less and you contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

22.10.2015 - Enquiries made to court registry 6 weeks later were replied with - ‘Your application remains current; it has yet to be determined.’

10.08.2015 – In spite of me repeating 5 times the same thing during the court hearing and being a party to that court hearing – not even one single word about that issue in ‘reasons’ written by the primadonna of Queensland Supreme Court Margaret McMurdo and endorsed by 2 other stooges employed there - Catherine E Holmes and Peter Flanagan.
So what ‘high court’ thinks about such display of ‘integrity’, ‘fairness’, ‘honesty’ of ‘snakes and scums’?
Queensland born and bred Kiefel already said that she does not want to hear about it.
It is good to have mates in high places, isn`t it?
Ex parte application to HC

04.08.2015BAQ3 - ‘Snakes and scums’ - as affectionately referred to by their boss Carmody, have sympathetic friends in High Court, sympathetic to the rottenness and corruption.
After I lodged ‘appeal’ documents in HC registry in Brisbane, they were put on the back burner for a week until Kiefel from HC decided with patronizing arrogance, that my application is too hot to handle for ‘homo brutanicus’.
So, how this kind of people are selected to be 'judges' in anglo courts?
Deceitful, dishonest, without honour or commonly accepted ethics!

The copy of my ‘appeal’ application

Rejection by Kiefel from HC

10.07.2015BAQ3 - In the decent, uncorrupted and respectable legal system the arbitrator, a judge, can be only the person(s) who is acknowledged as such by ALL parties.
In spite of me telling directly into the faces of Supreme Court 'judges':
I’m not giving you my permission to act as judges in this case
those freaks chose to act without my permission, breaking their own anglo laws and committing a criminal offence by impersonating judicial officers!
Those 'snakes and scums' - as affectionately described by their own boss Carmody - in the show of anglo 'judges' true 'wisdom' and 'fairness', are not capable to answer simple question - was I right in denying them to be arbitrators?
- if I was wrong - just say so!
- If I was right - how dare you to ignore my will!

'Snakes and scums' - 'officially' chose another option, ABRA CADABRA, pretending that it did not happen, pretending that they do not have to answer issues brought in the court by the PARTY IN COURT. In the fashion so characteristic to those arrogant, dishonest, deceitful mongrels, they did not even mention by one word in their written garbage the fact that I denied them the right to act in the capacity of mediators in my arguments against Bar Association of Queensland 'as the most effective Mafia organisation in the world'.

On top of that those 'judges' showed contempt for existing law set by Parliament.

25.06.2015 - Received from 'High Court' their standard reply in relation to special leave to appeal in the case against Queensland Police Service (Battlefield QPS) - 'dismissed'.
Out of 21 cases on this day before them only one leave was granted. h.hc.appealdismissed_police.html

29.05.2015 - I should start a humour section on this site
....and pigs can fly

25.05.2015 - Continuation of my fight with the corrupt, rotten, feudal, pseudo, anglo ‘legal system’.
In practice courts are operating on the ‘implied’ permit from parties, implied by the fact that people accept that someone sitting when they are standing has to be the ‘right’ person to make the decision. Very rarely there is a ‘declared’ or `affirmed’ permit by parties to allow the court and judges to operate.
So, this time I chose to formally state that:
I’m not giving you my permission to act as judges in this case. 
against barristers in court - BAQ3

30.03.2015 - Lodged Application (Written Case) in the High Court against Appeal Court 'decision' favouring Queensland Police Service, their Commissioner and lawyers

17.03.2015 - the transcript of the hearing from 18.02.2015 in the Supreme Court
of my 'appeal' against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner.
It is educational, because everybody can see deceitful 'judges' how they really behave and not as they are being portrayed by the propaganda.

11.03.2015 - Looking at the statement in ‘reasons’(5) of those creatures from Supreme Court– ‘there is no legal entity known as the Queensland Police Service’ - the question has to be asked about the puprose of creating 'legal' fictions and fakes.

Court own resources quote several cases where ‘non-existent ‘‘Queensland Police Service’ has been actually a party in various court proceedings, eg.
Stallan v Queensland Police Service [2010] QDC 392_QDC10-392
Barlow v Queensland Police Service [2014] QDC 31_QDC14-031
Bismark v Queensland Police Service [2014] QDC 152_QDC14-152
Gobus v Queensland Police Service [2013] QCA 172_QCA13-172

To make ‘judges’ claim even more ridiculous that ‘non-existent defendant’ ‘in legal terms’ was actually acting as the applicant in several cases of their own, eg.
Queensland Police Service v Klupfel [2013] QDC 210_QDC13-210
Queensland Police Service v Ntakarutimana [2012] QDC 139_QDC12-139
Queensland Police Service v Terare [2014] QCA 260_QCA14-260
Queensland Police Service v Tobane [2010] QDC 222_QDC10-222

I lodged also in High Court the application for the special leave to appeal.
More details in - Battlefield QPS
HC appeal application

27.02.2015 - more verbal vomit from the Supreme Court in the case against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner. With so characteristic for those creatures perfidy, they said their typical garbage and when they could not find an excuse (the fact that QPS is a ‘corporation’ in the legal sense) they simply ignored it.
More details in - Battlefield QPS
anglo judges comments

18.02.2015 - in the Supreme Court my 'appeal' in the case against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner.

07.11.2014 - BAQ lawyers sent me a letter with their Arguments for the Appeal.
Familiar attitude of Queensland lawyers – lies, BIG LIES, deception, misrepresentation, dishonesty, distortion of facts, manipulation of the evidence.
In point ‘g’ they refer to the page 4 of the transcripts of the hearing as ‘the evidence’ that they received ‘the leave of court to lodge the application’ as required by Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005 section 5.2.
They also had the audacity to claim the same thing in the letter to Civil List Manager of the Supreme Court.
In fact, NO FORMAL leave of court was granted, until Wilson came to the rescue of his friends by granting it on 15.09.2014 (10 weeks later) !
hearing transcript - part 1

hearing transcript - part 2
hearing transcript - part 3
my reply to lawyers.html

17.10.2014 - I lodged with court my Outline of arguments against comments by Wilson regarding the court hearing on 30.07.2014 d_baq3_outline.html

19.09.2014 - The case against Queensland Bar Association (Battlefield BAQ 3)
Lodged with court my protest against idiotic comments by Wilson (as Notice to appeal). d_baq_invoice_mafia_noticeappeal.html

19.09.2014 - The case against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner.
Lodged with court my reply to Police lawyers gibberish. (Battlefield QPS)

15.09.2014 - Received comments by Wilson about the case against Queensland Bar Association.
He shows to be typical Queensland moron lawyer who does not know much about basic legal principles, eg.
** At(53) he calls Magna Carta and The Statute of Monopolies ‘not binding legislation’ in Queensland. He has not heard about ‘Imperial Acts Application Act 1984’ which says at (5) Preserved Imperial enactments

Each Imperial enactment specified in Schedule 1 shall, from the commencement of this Act, continue to have the same force and effect (if any) as it had in Queensland immediately prior to the commencement of this Act.

** At (50) he proposes quite bizarre idea that Constitution is not the primary law any more but it is a subject to rules made up by morons like himself

** At (51) he says that we, all people living in Queensland, are ‘legally’ deprived of our human rights and the recognition as human beings.
I do not need your favour to grant me dignity and rights as a human being.
I have had them since my birth !


15.09.2014 - The case against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner.
The reply from Police lawyers to Appeal arguments.

APPEAL - Police lawyers Arguments

10.09.2014 - The case against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner.
One of the aspects of the judgement by Applegarth was that he used latin formula ‘nunc pro tunc‘ (now for then) to justify Police lawyers arrogant mistake of not applying for the Court leave before making their application, which is one of the legal requirements.
Being the product of the morons factories, as Queensland universities are known, lawyers do not know the basics of their trade skills. Applegarth`s use of ‘nunc pro tunc‘ shows him to be in the same category.
‘A judgment nunc pro tunc can be entered only when the delay has arisen from the act of the court.’
A judgment nunc pro tunc is an action by a trial court correcting a clerical (rather than judicial) error in a prior judgment.
This should NOT be applied in the case of ‘legal professionals’ not knowing the rules.
Classical example of how ‘independent judges’ are supporting lawyers Mafia.
: Mr Hickey, the application that you seek to make is the one that was filed on 18 July 2014, so you are, effectively, seeking a grant of leave nunc pro tunc?

(jumping with joy) Yes, your Honour. Yes.
Applegarth: Yes. I grant leave to file that application. Leave is granted nunc pro tunc.

During the hearing Applegarth was trying to push the assertion that I made a mistake when lodging the claim against Police. He was insisting that I should have served my Claim on Police Commissioner ‘in person’.

However, UCPR1999, says that in the case of dealing with corporation:
Part 3 Service in particular cases          107  Personal service—corporations
A document required to be served personally on a corporation must be served in the way provided for the service of documents under the Corporations Act or another applicable law.
Note - A corporation includes a body politic or corporate - Acts Interpretation Act 1954, section 36.

Corporations Act 2001, Division 8 - Miscellaneous interpretation rules - 109X, 
Service of documents – clearly says:
1. For the purposes of any law, a document may be served on a company by:
(a) leaving it at, or posting it to, the company’s registered office;

05.09.2014 - Sent follow up letter to Mr. Tim Carmody - Chief Justice of Queensland and Mr. Jarrod Bleijie - Attorney-General and Minister for Justice. I suggested that in the interest of justice and fairness it would be beneficial to make a ‘practice direction’ or similar type of rule, for all judges employed in Supreme Court of Queensland, to make it obligatory for judges to publish their reasons for the orders they make on the official court web page (http://www.sclqld.org.au/caselaw/).

The reply from the office of Chief of Queensland judges. They are 'impartial decision makers' - nobody can question or critise them.
It is good to be a judge!

20.08.2014 - The transcript of the hearing against Bar Association of Queensland from 30.07.2014. I raised the issue of illegality of the current arrangements of selection of judiciary. More people should be making such public statements to force the change. Are we going to have a plumber or an engineer as a judge and not exclusively lawyers from self proclaimed ‘master breed’?
'Mr Wilson, you are not my equal.  You cannot be judge to people who are not your equals. It says clearly in Magna Carta.'

Due to the length of the hearing – BAQ lawyers prattle about my legal fights with them, to claim the need for a 'vexatious order’ against me, is separated.

Do lawyers know the 'law'?

Those mongrels are so arrogant that they forget about observing basic legal principles and rules because they think that other people do not have literacy skills to read so called ‘laws’.
And few other issues about this rotten system which are kept quiet by lawyers, judges and ‘vierhushka’.

15.08.2014 - Lodged Outline of Arguments in Supreme Court in the case against Queensland Police. Neither court order nor reasons are available - public records are being 'revised' to show an anglo judge as angelic and 'wise'. Outline of Arguments

06.08.2014 - more garbage from high court - 'There is no reason to doubt the correctness of the decision of the Court of Appeal.  An appeal to this Court would fail.'



30.07.2014 - Court hearing against Bar Association of Queensland. I pointed out at the start the illegality of the current selection process of judges as per my long time standing, and which is based on valid, existing laws - Australian and International.
People who usually portray themselves as ‘human rights champions’ applied in court to deprive me such rights by asking for ‘vexatious person order’ against me. Few other issues as per BAQ3 as well.
Mr Alan Wilson will state his opinion about those matters at a later date.

28.07.2014 - Appealed decision of Goofy. Neither court order nor reasons are available. Appeal against court favourable decision for police

In this rotten, corrupt, perfidious, feudal pseudo legal system so called 'judges' have 'discretion' to be involved in any depravity and abuse of laws. If those 'judges' choose to make stupid, unlawful or offensive decisions - shouldn`t they also have courage to make those decisions TRANSPARENT and publicly known instead of hiding their decision behind the wall of silence. A suggestion made to Chief justice.

23.07.2014 - Court hearing against Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner d_policedissolve2014_exhibits.html
Fair bit of manipulation happened in this court hearing. Even before it started.

11.07.2014 - After ignoring for a while the issue and when faced with the prospect of being declared by Court as criminal organization (as per valid Queensland laws), Queensland Police Service and their Commissioner - Ian Stewart woke up with an excuse appropriate for a 4 year old child 'we did not receive the paper work'


03.07.2014 - And this is another example of decay and falseness of Queensland institutions.
This one was created for the protection of uncommon species – jews and poofters, therefore they are not interested in ‘defence’ of ordinary people, particularly if the offender is ‘homo brutanicus’.
To make it more laughable, in the fashion of a bureaucrat pretending that he/she is helpful, the moronic author of that letter suggests contacting other lawyers organizations.
RE: my complaint against barking judge Philip McMurdo
Queensland Anti-discrimination Commission

30.06.2014 - Queensland Police Service Commissioner - Ian Stewart did not bother to respond to Supreme Court Claim against him.
According to law, rule 137 and 281 of Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999, he is facing the summary judgment of the Court. All what is required is the signature of a judge who will do his job of upholding the law. Getting rid of rotten Queensland Police
More details here a_qldpolice.html

17.06.2014 - Minor hearing of an application by Bar Association of Queensland turned out to be quite entertaining. a_baq_invoice_mafia.html
When I tried to make an application about unlawfulness of current arrangements for the selection of stooges to judiciary, Philip McMurdo tried to shut me up demanding me to 'sit down'. When I continued, he left the court and called Security to take me outside of court building.
Since I was a legitimate party in court of law, making legitimate submission, I did not interrupt anybody nor acted violently he realized that he looked like a drongo and he sent a court bailiff to call me back when I was on the street 100 m away from the court.

So, I did make my submission in Court about invalidity of current selection of judiciary and discriminatory section 59 of Queensland Constitution and in line with my belief of all arrangements being unlawful under Statute of Monopolies, Magna Carta  and other laws.
Philip McMurdo, being typical arrogant anglo judge, did not even make any comments about validity or invalidity of my ‘legal arguments’.
Formal complaint to his boss Chief Justice

25.06.2014 - The reply from Chief Justice office. Apparently, I was not 'prepared' to conduct myself in Court. Hmmm, stranger than fiction.....
Reply from Chief Justice office

26.05.2014 - Queensland Police Service Commissioner - Ian Stewart seems to think that in his position as a bully boy for oligarchical mafia ruling this State he can ignore a legitimate request from community members.
Mr. Stewart and his accomplices are going to publicly explain their conduct - are they a gang of thugs employed by oligarchical mafia ruling this State OR they are serving the community and its interest.
What an independent legal system thinks about such conduct of that individual ???

13.05.2014 - High Court judges in Canberra published orders and 'reasons' in my cases against Bar Association of Queensland - B1 and B2.
Just like with 19 other people applicantions (ALL OF THEM) - the result was - 'Applications Dismissed'. See how 'homo brutanicus' are openly ignoring isuues brought to them.
13 May 2014 - HC judges garbage here
Also available on - http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/HCASL/2014/80.html
'The diffuse complaints in the applicant's written cases do not engage with the Court of Appeal's reasoning.' (details - a_hc_main.html)

05.05.2014 - Kind remainder to Queensland Police Service Commissioner - Ian Stewart, that I did not receive any information about him and Police taking any action against identified criminals.
details - b_policecomplaint_2.html

28.04.2014 - Bar Association of Queensland applied for the ‘extension of time’ to lodge the required, formal ‘Notice of intention to defend’ against my Claim in Supreme Court against them (BAQ3). When questioned why BAQ cannot furnish a simple document within 28 days as everyone else, ‘Queensland legal professional’ gave a unique excuse – the claim cannot be replied to properly.
That excuse was, of course, accepted by former actor and theatre administrator now running bad scripted shows in Supreme Court - Ms. Roslyn Atkinson, who has ‘judicial discretion’.

During the hearing Ms. Atkinson asked me to remove the references to her on this web site and then, in a fashion typical to anglo judge perfidy, she said -
'But it won’t poison my mind against you in hearing this application'
I should have thanked her for providing another evidence of fake 'impartiality' and 'fairness' and Cartel arrangements and collusion between lawyers and judges in courts.
If ‘zero’ had not been invented she would be a model for it.

28.04.2014 - High Court case B17 - Peter Markan v Crime and Misconduct Commission.
Lodged Application (Written Case) in the High Court against Appeal Court 'decision' and the conduct of Supreme Court employees acting as private citizens.
WRITTEN CASE FOR THE APPEAL - B17 - lodged 28.04.2014

22.04.2014 - Bar Association of Queensland invented nice trick for anyone to use.
If you owe somebody money and they take you to court - just declare them to be 'vexatious' people. Precedence just about to be made - banks will be ruined. Case will be heard 30.07.2014

10.04.2014 - case CA 9591 of 2013, Peter Markan v Crime and Misconduct Commission
My intention is to encourage other people to bring publicly in courts the issues which no lawyer would dare to voice, those issues have to be presented by people like you and me.
It has to be done more often, more eloquently, more powerfully.
Transcripts of court hearing - 21 March 2014

07.04.2014 - I lodged formal complaint with Queensland Police Service Commissioner against employees of Supreme Court  - Margaret A McMurdo, Robert Gotterson, Philip Morrison
• Abuse of human, civil and political rights
• Impersonating judicial officers

My request for their arrest and prosecution is based on publicly professed role of Police in the community:
• Uphold the law
• Administer the law fairly and efficiently
• Bring offenders to justice.
details - b_policecomplaint.html

07.04.2014 -
Margaret A McMurdo, Robert Gotterson, Philip Morrison acknowledged, accepted and admitted that they are illegitimate imposters.
With - No objections, NOT A SINGLE WORD OF PROTEST, no legal challenge

On 01.04.2014, by publishing ‘judgement’ in this matter, those 3 individuals, at the time - private citizens - choose to abuse their ability to access Supreme Court physical resources and they impersonated judicial officers – which, I am told, are the criminal offences under sections 96 and 97 of Criminal Code Act 1899 which is THE LAW in Queensland.

Queensland Police Commissioner has been informed and asked to investigate and prosecute those criminal offenders, however due to Lawyers Mafia influence in Queensland and possible interference in the due process of law – the Appeal in High Court is lodged.
aa_hc_b17_cmc_applic.html and a_hc_main.html

31.03.2014 - I have lodged in the ‘Supreme Court‘ the case against Bar Association of Queensland for NOT PAYING my Invoice for another valuable service I provided them
' Promotion of Bar Association of Queensland (ABN 78 009 717 739) as the most effective Mafia organisation in the world ’
(details - a_baq_invoice_mafia.html)

31.03.2014 - Lodged Application (Written Case) in the High Court against Appeal Court decision to allow Bar Association of Queensland NOT TO PAY my Invoice for valuable service (‘public ridicule’ and ‘public humiliation’) I provided them. RE: Appeal CA 7082 of 2013 SC No 6041 of 2013
(details - a_hc_main.html)

21.03.2014 - Supreme Court of Queensland,
case CA 9591 of 2013, Peter Markan v Crime and Misconduct Commission
On the basis of the provisions of Article 14 of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights-
All persons shall be equal before the courts and tribunals. In the determination of any criminal charge against him, or of his rights and obligations in a suit at law, everyone shall be entitled to a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal established by law.'
I asked Supreme court judges - McMurdo, Gotterson, Morrison - to provide the evidence of their competence as judges.
All 3 failed to provide the evidence.
WHAT HAPPENED in Appeal Court

12.03.2014 - Lodged appeal in the High Court against Appeal Court decision to allow Bar Association of Queensland NOT TO PAY my Invoice for valuable service (‘public ridicule’ and ‘public humiliation’) I provided them.
RE: Appeal CA 7082 of 2013 SC No 6041 of 2013 (details - a_hc_main.html)

28.02.2014 - The judges obviously stood by their mates from BAQ by delivering unsurprising 'judgement' in favour of BAQ.

18.02.2014 - The Appeal against Bar Association of Queensland and Mr Fryberg heard by Appeal Court judges McMurdo, Muir, Mullins.
In spite of 2 of them being judicial members of BAQ and being involved deeply with the daily workings of BAQ - they refused to recuse themselves.
I stated that I do not accept legitimacy of such court and I presented arguments ONLY as I would in a legitimate court.
(case from 26.07.2013) (SC NUMBER : 6041/13 - CA NUMBER: 7082/13)
(details - a_baq_invoice_2appeal.html)

02.01.2014 - Innitiated actions in High Court of Australia.
The Appeal against decisions favouring Bar Association of Queensland heard on 8.10.2013 by Appeal Court judges McMurdo; Mullins; Lyons.
(details - a_hc_main.html)


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