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Some people are confusing me with the black person of the same name whose photos are shown on search engines

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I want to encourage people who have understanding of the depravity
of the ‘system’, who have nothing to lose because of age or
other circumstances, are not afraid of possibility of being declared
‘bankrupt’ by the bankrupt system, have health problems -
to do something positive for the humanity when they still can.

Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission
as you should know them.

They are the main tool ( affectionately known as ' Permanent Royal Omission' ) in pretending that everything is sweet in moonshine State.
One of the stupidest excuses they gave me was that ' there was no official complaint about this matter'
Therefore, I have sent them FORMAL complaint in relation to this affair - the conduct of lawyers poodle ( John Briton ) who is in 'charge' of Legal Services Commission .
3 months later - no answer . I sent them kind reminder - no answer again.

Can`t you see that this Briton creature clearly made a pledge to prosecute a crooked lawyer -
and 2 years
later nothing happened !
Boys and girls - lets go to Court of Law to sort out this matter !

20.06.2013 - Received today Notice of Intention to Defend by CMC. Just on the last day before I could ask the court to issue the order dissolving the CMC? - yes, Courts can issue such orders.
The most frequent phrase in their 'pleading' is the word ' embarrassing'. They do not elaborate who is embarrassed and exactly by what ? Even the term 'lawyers mafia' is 'embarrassing' – are they embarrassed by employing members of that mafia?, are they embarrassed for supporting and protecting that mafia? – answers will be possibly given in court.

03.07.2013 - My reply to their application They are going to face the Court as DEFENDANTS !

12.08.2013 - A letter from CMC saying that 'we will ask our mafioso friends in court to sweep this matter under the carpet'.

10.10.2013 - Case against Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, demanding that my Claim against them to be struck out, was heard by judge David Boddice. When I quoted to him the provisions of various laws including Article 14 of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the right to be heard by the competent tribunal) and I asked him for the evidence of his judicial competence he gave me the answer - ' this is not going to happen'.
2 questions I stated before him remain unanswered
- do I have the right to the protection by law ? ( as a non anglo and non lawyer )
- does CMC has duty to protect me against organized crime ? ( me - as a non anglo and non lawyer )
CMC had their submission to strike out my claim 'approved'.

06.11.2013 - ‘Judge’ Boddice made painlessly the order to protect his Mafioso friends. In the process poor bastard put his mosquito size brain in overdrive and got confused. REAL JUDGES are expected to give reasons WITH the order and not MONTHS AFTER pronouncing the order, you MORON!
You should have taken your time to THINK about the reasons FIRST and not NOW try to invent ‘plausible’ excuses.
‘Reasons’ for that order have been 'revised' by Boddice and received over a month later after the actual hearing - typical case of hiding the truth by that feudal, rotten anglo system which claims that court process is 'open', 'transparent', 'public', etc.
Transcripts and the reasons are not formally published in this case, and with only the ‘order’ accessible to public - nobody would know that I actually asked Boddice for the evidence of his judicial competence, nobody would know that he refused to disclose it.
The 'official' order of Boddice has been ‘abridged’.
This and my other application against CMC became ‘ non existent’, ignored by Boddice in his official order.

Transcript of the court hearing - with the revised 'judgement' of Boddice received over a month later after the actual hearing

Abridged order of Mr Bodice

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