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‘Constitution‘ as the fraud

' A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or
established precedents according to which a state
or other organization is governed.
These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what
the entity is. When these principles are written down
into a single collection or set of legal documents,
those documents may be said to comprise
a written constitution.

One of the major propaganda claims is that countries like Australia are ‘democratic‘ because they have constitution. To add legitimacy , in support of the political doctrine of allegedly ‘democratic principles‘ forming the basis of such claim, it is (often purposefully vaguely) said that there is (apparently ?!) ‘separation of powers‘ in Australia.
Therefore, (it is implied ‘people‘ have influence on power and impact on what is happening in the country. ‘People‘ (allegedly) have access to use those important ‘checks and balances in power distribution to prevent any abuses by those who are bossing around .
Indirect claim is that – look , we are not like those terrible dictatorships where only one man, or one group controls the whole country (absolutism).

If you finished grade 5 you will know that separation of power is a fiction.
Members of governments are chosen from members of parliament – therefore it is easy kill to show that ‘law makers‘ and ‘bribes takers‘ are the same people – plainly and officially there is no separation between the  legislative and executive branches of the governments.
So what about the separation of ‘judiciary‘ from other forms of ‘government‘ ?
Notorious case of Leanne Clare – while working for Queensland Department of Public Persecutions ( executive government ) she was seconded to district court to have fun playing the role of a ‘judge‘ and after the stint in courts she went back to Qld DPP as if nothing happened.  
And there are more similar case .
So the second myth is trashed as well ! – ‘smoke screen creators‘ are in the same gang!

Australian ‘independent‘ judiciary consists of few crooked and corrupted lawyers who got cushy jobs as the reward for making government shonky dealings to appear ‘lawful‘ and ‘legal‘.
Simple search on the web will yield few articles by ‘constitutional experts‘ scholarly claiming on numerous pages of verbal vomit that YES there is ‘implied separation‘ of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.
Some, felling less comfortable with such lies, admit that in fact there is NO separation of powers (neither in written constitution nor in practise) but that this is OK because in Australia we have ‘responsible government‘ ! (I can hear you laughing !)
Responsible government ? - responsible to WHOM ?  Not me and you, not my neighbours, not your neighbours and their neighbours neighbours, etc .


AAAAAAH – they are responsible to the ‘electorate' , ‘voters‘ ! (I can hear you laughing again !)
In this scam the appearances have to be maintained - the fact of virtual seasonal dictatorship has to be hidden and the perversion of the will of the people concealed .
Instead of authority based on respect we have the rule of deceitfulness and lies .
People acting under duress to fulfil ‘the  citizens duty‘ are forced to participate in a game which is like a variation of bingo to  select the winner of popularity contest. Given choice is between a liar and a crook who agree to act as the front for the racket in exchange for indecent salaries and other benefits. Political campaigns consist mostly of waiving  to passing cars from street corners (who else is usually doing that ?) and shaking hands with some strangers. Kissing cute babies can be fun and stating that he/she is in favour of equal marriages is a must.

With anglo version of ‘proportional democracy ‘ we end up having 30 to 50% of 'parliamentarians' being LAWYERS and that obviously is not reflective of the wider society ( where they make less than 1% of population !) - so , which community do they represent ?
Since they are usually ‘career oriented‘, cowardly obedient and corruptible we have the sham that we have. They call it  ‘western style democracy‘ or ‘Westminster democracy‘  - Commie Russians called theirs ‘socialist democracy‘.
Where is the substance to the name ‘DEMOCRACY‘ !?
Certainly not in the demonically autocratic and dogmatic system in use today.
Once you participated in ‘ elections ‘ they can claim with quantum leap of logic - ‘you voted us in so we can do anything our real masters tell us to do‘. AMEN .
Half an hour of watching those clowns and puppets on SBS should cure ardent supporter of ‘democracy‘.

In some countries where there are sincere attempts in creating really democratic system (from Argentina to Egypt and lots in between) you have cases of bringing to justice those who abused power for personal gain or vanity.
Have you noticed that in countries with ‘Westminster democracy - THERE WAS NEVER A CASE OF BRINGING TO JUSTICE ANYBODY FOR THE ABUSE OF POWER !!!!!!!!
The abuse of power and corruption is the officially sanctioned privilege. The political and legal system is created in such way as to prevent holding legal responsibility and bringing to justice anyone belonging to breed of ‘homo brutanicus'. Even mock pretences of ‘law‘ are treated in practice with ignorant contempt.
That transparently feudal 'system' have decomposed into despotism of the most primitive type.

The Constitution is a toothless tiger, a worthless piece of paper. For an ordinary citizen there is nothing in it worth maintaining or … fighting for !
Australian constitution is the set of some basic regulations given by colonial masters to stooges as the promotional gimmick, so they could help maintaining the grip on the country and the ownership of its resources by pretending that it became somehow miraculously a ‘free‘ and ‘independent‘ country .
Ms Windsor her family and their friends own bigger chunk of Awstralia than most people suspect.

The Australian ‘constitution‘, that  seemingly parting gift from anglo masters , has the same validity as the Iraqi ‘constitution‘ – written for them by an American jew !

It would be fair, honest and just to say - ooooops, sorry guys we forgot to include in this paper some rules about effective separation of different branches of government; we forgot about the chapter about effective protection of human rights and human dignity; we forgot about the chapter about effective control to maintain the social justice and prevent monopolisation of power by a group of people; we forgot about honesty, fairness and the truth as the leading doctrines to govern this country.

Australia is still a penal colony artificially divided into (variety of) prisoners and prison guards (under various names). However, todays Australians are not the same people as convicts or settlers who came here 150 years ago because of the wider social backgrounds and the education and awareness level.
(convicts were exclusively Irish dissidents or English lower classes. 'Homo brutanicus' were coming to Australia only as ‘overseers‘ to manage the colony)

The consciousness of the absurdities in governing arrangements and the noiselessly boiling resistance to it is more widespread than it appears. People in control of this country have to realize that to cope with the requirements of the 21 century society the political and legal system have to change.
Cronyism and the cliquerish/mafioso/conspiratorial deals to control political and social life inherited from early days are past their use by date.

Required is the transformation of ‘colonial mentality‘, injection of sanity in writing (as the start) new rational constitution – by Australians and for Australian . Required is getting rid of foreigners concepts and interests as prevailing guideline for the operation of truly ‘independent‘ and ‘free‘ country! Anglos will have to notice that in this country there are other people who have something important to say and non anglos will have to say it louder and louder.
Required is getting rid of hereditary privileged cast, exploiters, fraudsters and crooks.

Since there are no ‘democratic‘ principles in play in Australia (no separation of powers, no credible 'checks and balances'); there is obvious discrimination of people of non anglo origin; there is officially sanctioned impunity for the abuse of power by those in power; since one group of people (anglos) keep maintaining grip on power in this country – it should be determined by international community as ‘rogue‘ state, tyrannical and dictatorial with the consequences to follow.
Current ideas in such situations call for the ‘regime change‘ and injection of ‘democracy‘.

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