Don't be so humble, you're not that great

Q. Who does not want criminals to be brought before the law , rehabilitated and taught to make useful contribution to the society ?
A. Queensland barristers .

Q. Who is teaching criminals not to be remorseful for committed crimes ?
A. Queensland barristers .

Q. Who does not mind being called hypocrites and criminals ?
A. Queensland barristers .

At every opportunity , I and others , are subjected to ' domination lesson ' by ' homo brutanicus ' to ' teach ' us to be just passive slaves . My basic human rights , in their view , can be ' safely ' ignored because I am not of anglo background and as such ( presumed ) to be second class citizen in this country .
They show the evident fictionality of so called ‘ law ‘ - which turns out to be just the disguised way of persecuting some people ( non anglos ) while protecting ‘ homo brutanicus ‘ from any attempt to hold them responsible for their actions .

Latest lesson comes from Bar Association of Queensland conduct which proves several accusations for which non anglos would be prosecuted :

- racism – you biologically hate people who are not lawyers and non anglos
- discrimination – of people who are not lawyers and non anglo background
- you are involved in protection of known criminals from your own organisation
- you have disrespect for the law by dishonouring your own lawful obligations
- you attempt to pervert course of justice
- you are obstructing the law
- you are violating the law
- you are lying officially and publicly

Your other predispositions :

- you possess criminal tendencies in your character
- you are hypocrites in doing different things than you claim to be following
- your conduct indicates chauvinism and bigotry
- you created and maintain mafia style criminal clique organisation
- you have lack of honesty ( even that ‘ among thieves ‘ )
- you lack any human morality , ethics , honour and integrity
- you do not display sensible competency level in the area of ' law '
- you publically lie about possessing ‘ professional ‘ knowledge and skills
- as self professed ‘ learned ‘ people you are aware of the criminality of your conduct and the magnitude of wrongdoing
- you do not show any remorse

The evidence stands unshaken in ‘ court of justice ‘  before the jury of many thousands people .
Even your own grotesque anglo ‘ court of law ‘ , with one of your mates as the ‘ judge ‘ , would have to say with red face - ‘ YEAH , hang them all ! ‘ . With all the cheering from the people saying - ‘ for the first time in 800 years history an anglo judge made a fair and just decision , ALLELUYAH ! ‘

Queensland barristers clearly need COUNCELLING - who can correct their grave , offensive behaviour and show them the right direction towards abiding laws and respect for other members of the society they prey on .

Those sweet little darlings of PUPPETEERS , walking with an aureole of arrogance and the smell of bad air around them , are eager to support every lie or depravity in return for few crumbs from masters table .
With mafia members playing roles of ' defenders ' , ' prosecutors ' and ' judges ' within the ' legal system ' ; with other mafiosos playing roles of ' law makers ' and ' independent ' bureaucrats within state administration they became drunk with arrogance and narcissism thinking that they are ' untouchable ' .

The brotherhood of crooks and liars is publically showing how much they disrespect people who are not lawyers and non anglos , and they are implying that there is no ' legal ' enforcements to their conduct .

How dare those dishonest to the core creatures , to have insolence of preaching , lecturing and moralizing other people who may or may not did something against common , natural law .

Notorious Bar Association of Queensland is the only , exclusive and monopolistic pool of individuals from which Queensland ' judges ' are selected .
Consequently , a certified crook and a liar one day can become ' fair ' , ' just ' and ' honest ' person  the very next day . HOW ? - using Mary Poppins trick , just click your fingers and voila - a saint appears .
Mary Poppins is a fairy tale for children but selection of unsuitable people as the ' judges ' is the sad reality for people in Queensland and as the result :

- tradition of ' kangaroo courts ' is maintained instead of fair and just court proceedings
- criminally minded mafia members interests are protected instead of interests of the society on which behalf those ' judges ' are supposed to operate
- corruption and rottenness of the ' legal system ' is deepened due to arbitrary 'discretion'

They are selected to the most exclusive club using conspiratorial/mafioso style arrangements and not ‘ democratic ‘ .
They do not have any verifiable qualification , training , competency test or any sort of exams or assessments for the position they are given !
There is no scrutiny of their characters , no substantiation of their suitability to play effectively
‘ top dog ‘ in the community .

In common view the fairness and justice of the laws and enforcements of laws require them
to be applied and judged by those who agree to abide by the laws - according to natural law and common law . It is the only justice system which is legal , fair and just - for all processes of law - civil or criminal .

This message is intented on exposing Queensland Bar Association for what they really are - as the gang of hypocrites and criminals .

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