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The last colony

Australia – the multicultural society , tolerant , respectful and appreciative of other people cultures and customs , understanding of peoples differences .
The country where there is 'democracy', 'freedom', 'equality', 'fairness'  and 'justice'.
Wouldn`t  you love to live in such country ?
When you do , you realise that people of non anglo origin are clearly second class citizens here, shunned from effective participations in power structures , regardless how many generations ago they came to this country . They are subjected to factual monopoly of social and political life , and the ' expectation ' that all other people will have to ' adapt ' and fall into the existing mould created for them .
Non anglos have ' rights ' given them by the masters but they do not have 'power' .

Those token 'rights' are like bones thrown to a dog which has to be fed occasionally.

Subtle and effective racism is a fact of life to numerous second class citizens in this last English colony .

 Look at the governments from federal to local councils - dominated by anglos .

Ministers , directors of departments , senior ' public ' servants - mostly anglos .

Any organisation or state institution where 'real power' can be exercised and the dominance over other people shown - controlled by anglos .

Who controls both political parties involved in ' duolitarianism ' - anglos .

Who controls police , army , judiciary - anglos .

Who sets the standards , school programs , controls media - anglos .

Who controls licencing , permits , credentials - anglos .  

Even 'Irish' are kept at arm length until they prove their obedience.

It is not as bad as it was in India (older Hindus still remember) where a little 'anglo' pencil pusher was overruling a Hindu Raja who was nominally the ruler , and an 'anglo' corporal was giving orders to Hindu generals .
OHH, those were good times , as attested by many 'australians'  tearfully singing 'Rule Bruttania' – which, if similarly phrased , would be banned in other countries as a 'racist' song.
Can you imagine  a German these days singing -'Deutchland , Deutchland über alles'????  

So , with nothing else remaining to 'rule' and with masses of indons and pakis camping on their frontyards and backyards they praise their god for letting them dominate this last colony and masses (40-50%) of 'wogs'. Wogs are busy trying to make a living , enjoying relative peace and tranquillity of life here ; they cannot see or do not understand facts of life, they are kept busy and distracted - therefore they are good subjects to dominate.

Wogs are kept in control by ‘courts‘ and ‘judges‘ who are almost exclusively ‘homo brutanicus‘, who could do no wrong and are allowed to contravene the laws which they are supposed to uphold under pretext of ‘immunity‘ . They are also protecting ‘mates‘ by selective application of ‘laws‘ by the judicial system which is accurately defined as – ‘a private, invitation-only, cultic, English owned and operated, commercial extortion racket‘.

If you want to control the people you have to control the ‘law‘ and who is and who isn’t prosecuted.

Have you noticed than in positions of real , practically effective power we have ‘Commissioners‘ (100% = ‘homo brutanicus‘) - Russian style ‘commissars‘, or in fact it was the other way around - Russians learned from anglos !
With the aureole of arrogance and unrestricted appetite for dominance they created an apparent monopoly with an appearance of legitimacy to treat wogs as obedient children of ‘authority‘.
Neocolonialism at its best - 'masters' are 'legally', 'lawfully' protected while doing things for which wogs ' subjects ' are prosecuted and persecuted !

Minorities in Australia are not only jews and poofters .
Minorities are also - Irish, Greek, Polish, Chinese and many others - ignored, mistreated, disrespected, marginalised, manipulated by disinformation and propaganda .
Deceived by the fraud of ‘multiculturalism‘ - manufactured and secretly controlled make-believe an illusion of ‘equality‘ .
Subjected to brutality disguised as ‘law’ isolated individuals are unable to participate in the political system in a meaningful way

Russians failed to create 'omo sovieticus' but english 'nomenclatura' even before Cromwell times managed to create 'homo brutanicus' as a prototype for slave herders in New World Order society .
A creature without much education, skills or abilities, often with inferiority complex, who is given opportunities to take 'revenge' or 'terrorise' other people in the community by simply being nasty, rude, vulgar and arrogant.
Hypocrisy, dishonesty, cruel spitefulness towards other people seem to be imbedded in their genetic makeup.

They are dependent on maintaining the status quo of the system (mostly they are too lazy or do not have a chance of competing with other people in the workforce) and the system depends on them.
They know where is their place in this covertly structured class society . Typically , generations of the same families are policemen and lower level bureaucrats excelling in servilism, thoughtless obedience and cruel, obnoxious bullying of people forced to be dependent on their 'goodwill'.
And they do not hide their malicious pleasure  from being able to show their 'power'.

As a support measure - the culture of dobbing was created under the guise of respect for the 'law' - which everybody quickly learned is most effective when you are determining what 'law' is  .

BUT, in the background , there is struggle against ‘anglo’ domination in this country , monopolization of social and political life and against discreet discrimination and persecution of people of non anglo origin . The struggle - people are only whispering about . 
( Relative prosperity of Australia is due to the wealth of natural resources being sold almost as a fire sale to anyone overseas , without any thought of utilizing that wealth prudently and wisely ; and to the hard work and eagerness of new migrants to succeed . )

For those good but a bit naive people who think that they live in a 'free' and 'independent' country a sobering fact : ( just look at the priority !!! )

Criminal Code Act 1899 - as in force on 6 December 2011

44 Definition of seditious intention
An intention to effect any of the following purposes , that is to say —

(b) to excite disaffection against the Sovereign or

the Government or Constitution of the United Kingdom
or of Queensland as by law established , or against either
House of Parliament of the United Kingdom
or of Queensland, ...;

I live in this country among 'anglos', I worked with 'anglos', I have met some undoubtedly good
'anglos'. And it may appear that I am putting all of them in the same basket .

Decent people among ' anglos ' will understand that I do not want to soften the message
which has to be as harsh as the reality is !


There are 3 main components of present day australian English origin people .

PUPPETEERS – pencil pushers on their pay (when they have to) try to describe them using vaguely neutral or meaningless description - ‘establishment‘, ‘elite‘, ‘aristocracy‘.
Others call them ‘new world order‘, ‘anglo-jewish mafia’, etc

HOMO BRUTANICUS – few centuries of purposeful breeding by PUPPETEERS created effective administrative tool in paralysing the progress of the society. They lost touch with the rest of humanity.

ENGLISH PEOPLE – normal people, who are used and abused the same way as others

I have in mind the first 2 components .

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