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Some people are confusing me with the black person of the same name whose photos are shown on search engines

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I want to encourage people who have understanding of the depravity
of the ‘system’, who have nothing to lose because of age or
other circumstances, are not afraid of possibility of being declared
‘bankrupt’ by the bankrupt system, have health problems -
to do something positive for the humanity when they still can.

Bar Association of Queensland - ( ‘THE HORRIBLES’ )
being naughty and not paying the invoice when due !

Every week day, in every court in the State you can hear them yelling with fake indignation about 'law', 'justice', 'crime' etc. You can hear them abusing, denigrating, verbally brutalizing people who often done nothing wrong from any standpoint but are unlucky due to circumstances. Others done something wrong but not on the scale deserving total condemnation. May be 10% of all 'criminals', 'offenders' deserve the public treatment they are given in courts by cowardly mongrels called 'barristers'.
Due to special arrangements ( the 'right' to be represented in court by a lawyer) the accused people are silenced by second barrister playing the part of a 'defender' whose role is to pacify, calm down anger and to prevent inconvenient truth from being voiced in public. Only 'matters' agreed on and in the manner convenient to the interest of Mafioso system are presented. That is being monitored and controlled by a third barrister playing the part of a 'judge'.

If you ever doubt that being a lawyer/barrister is any different than being a thief, robber, bandit, liar, deceiver, fabricator, perjurer, crook, villain – there are plenty of documents on the web apart from personal experiences of various people. Just look at openly admitted fact here.(page3)
ALL those 'barristers' have over-riding duty to 'the Court' in whatever they do or say!
The whole system is in plain view as being based on deception, pretentiousness, lies.
In return for 'licence to practice' giving them the veneer of 'legitimacy' as 'officers of the court' – they will harm you without hesitation to protect the tiniest interest of the court/system/mafia.
That 'over-riding duty' is practically the formal permission from 'the law' to steal, deceive and lie to you and me.
So called 'ethics' is in fact merciless, terrorist method of forcing lawyers to act as required. And it takes special kind of person to become a lawyer – spineless, cowardly, submissive, immoral, spiritless and obedient.

Those barristers are extremely well paid (from few hundred thousand dollars to few millions a year) from the money siphoned from the proper economy into their pockets to subsidize their parasitic undeserved life style. No wonder that they are the strongest supporters of the status quo and the biggest opponents of any rational change.

To prevent hassles with money collection a strange system of 'trust account' was fashioned where terrorized and confused people have to pay UPFRONT the hard earned real money without practically knowing what they pay for! ( representation in court??????) The money created by contribution to the real economy but going to the WASTELAND called 'lawyers generated income'.

Since all elements of the 'legal system' are controlled by lawyers/barristers mafia they can openly make fun of ordinary people, they can humiliate them as, in their view, laughable, defenceless preys. That is done in belief that there is nowhere to go for such people to get help/remedy/justice. They are… ALMOST right.
It is only fair that those barristers were forced to pay their bills when due – as in the case of them paying my Invoice for the service I provided to them.

22.07.2013 - After BAQ responded by sending their standard garbage to strike out my Claim
I lodged 3 applications in Court :

1.  Demanding the 'IMMUNITY' - the same as barrister have and I am eligible for as an 'advocate'. As you should know there is no formal legislation as such giving them the 'immunity'. The legal basis for that is only the blessing given to that concept by their mates in judiciary.
                        Giannarelli & Ors v Wraith & Ors (1988) 81 ALR 417
                        D'Orta-Ekenaike v Victoria Legal Aid (2005) 223 CLR 1 at [85]
Australia is the last country in the world to retain advocates' immunity, a doctrine inherited from feudal times that shields barristers and solicitors from being sued by their clients for how they perform in court. Acknowledged as 'unfair', 'unjust', promoting corruption, depravity, unwarranted protection of deceitfulness Canada rejected it in 1861 and even England - where the doctrine originated - rejected it in 2000. New Zealand rejected it in 2004.

2. Application for the selection of an independent person as the trial judge - by selecting as the arbiter in this case (as by internationally recognized standards) a person who is not a current or former member of Bar Association of Queensland and does not have family or professional connection with that organization.

3. BAQ did not question, query or protest my Invoice.
Neither, they questioned or deny the fact of me providing them the service nor its quality!    

Their 'Application to strike out my Claim'  does not contain any evidence or reasons for rejecting my Claim against them. They are basically making a wink in Supreme Court direction and say 'MATES, sweep this matter under the carpet' with the hope that one of the judges will use sorcery to rationalize this.

25.07.2013 - Judge Fryberg confirmed that if I represent myself in Court (self-advocacy without lawyers) I have exactly the same rights and 'privileges' as barristers. More here

26.07.2013 - Judge Fryberg admitted that he received 'financial benefit' from Bar Association of Queensland BUT he still considers himself 'impartial' person to hear a court case against them?
By any standard it was abuse of discretion, unlawful, unfair, blatantly biased, discriminatory, arrogant judge`s conduct.
SO, I did not give him my consent to be the arbiter in the court case involving me and I said that
I am exercising my common law rights and my human rights and I will not participate in the proceedings. Then I walked away from the court.

23.10.2013 - Judge Fryberg, after 3 months delay, provided 'revised' 'reasons' for his order in favour of his mates from Bar Association of Queensland. Of course, he is a bit shy about his mates affairs, therefore his order has not been 'officially' published on http://www.sclqld.org.au/qjudgment/latest - as it should be.
Somehow 'forgot' that I pointed out that he took in effect the bribe from his mates from Bar Association of Queensland. Surprisingly no ‘authorities’ are mentioned and the whole ‘judgement’ is the product of his brain power.
Like a typical anglo judge he has problem differentiating between ‘opinion’ ( his own personal) and ‘reasons’ (judicial overview of the evidence and arguments).

‘The evidence in this case shows that the statement of claim filed by the plaintiff
contains no cause of action known to law. The document is, in short, fanciful. The
claim is unsustainable and consequently should not be allowed to proceed.
cross-application filed by the plaintiff seeking the dismissal of the defendant’s 
application to strike out the claim and statement of claim is unnecessary.’
( aaa_link_frybergorder.html )


REGISTRY : Brisbane        
NUMBER : 6041/13                  
Plaintiff:       Peter Markan
Defendant:  Bar Association of Queensland


This claim in this proceeding is made in reliance on the following facts:

  1. As the result of the understanding between Bar Association of Queensland and myself, where the parties have reached an agreement by virtue of their conduct, I provided to them
    the service of 'public ridicule' and 'public humiliation'

  2. The service was provided in honest, fair and reasonable manner according to law and due process.
    It was done exercising my own forensic judgement consistently with applicable rules of conduct and my over-riding duty to the justice.

  3. It had great benefit for the Defendant – as the result the term 'queensland barrister' became a byword, a synonym with a half-wit person, an ignoramus without much knowledge but full of pretentious pomposity about himself.

  4. As the indication of the success of the service, provided to Bar Association of Queensland, is the fact that many parents are warning their children to go to school and study or otherwise 'you will become queensland barrister'!

  5. They asked for it – and they got it! I provided to them the required and much needed service, however when it came to honouring my Invoice as the payment for the service provided the problem started.

  6. Do they seriously think that I have done it for nothing!

  7. In fact they got 2 services for the price of one and instead of appreciating my generosity and good heart – I am faced with disrespect and contempt.

  8. Comparing the fees charged by many barristers for doing next to nothing with my very reasonable rates of very unique and valuable work ( if I was not modest I would call it 'ART') it is apparent that queensland barristers received cost effective and results effective service.

  9. Absolutely ingenious idea was utilized in that service creating so called 'public awareness' with likelihood that people (potential clients) would find it hard to believe that those queensland barristers ( 'THE HORRIBLES' ) could be so bad and out of curiosity and necessity and desperation would pay UPFRONT untold thousands of dollars to this narcissistic caste of high priest of oligarchical system.

  10. When people (clients) find out that this is true and queensland barristers are the worst of the kind – it is too late to do anything or get the money back, because once it is paid into 'trust account' it is gone. BINGO!

  11. As the plan 'B' it could be also claimed that queensland barristers understood the wrong they have done to the society and are going to be resurrected as good citizens through the process of redemption.

  12. Their profits will be enormously engorged also due to the fact that the Corporation known as 'State of Queensland' is building huge new prison, which will DOUBLE the total capacity of ALL prisons in Queensland, and is intending to charge and imprison people left, right and centre under any pretext.

  13. All those people will need 'legal representation' in courts which will be provided by queensland barristers (who else?) – therefore the scheme is a big money spinner for them.

  14. Another reason given to me was that queensland barristers enjoy being abused, cursed and swore at because they get sexual satisfaction from it. Although it sounded to me weird, kinky and depraved I kept it to myself because you do not say such things to clients.

  15. On 2 documented occasions ( 12.06.2013 and 26.06.2013 ) in clear terms I asked the Defendant to fulfil their obligations and to pay the Invoice .
    On both occasions there was no response from the Defendant.

  16. By failing to perform without a legitimate excuse their legal obligation of paying the money due to me they breached the law resulting in legal consequences of this claim.

  17. It has to be noted that the Defendant cynically claims to possess 'professional' knowledge of the laws in this country , therefore there are no mitigating elements of unconscious conduct due to the lack of awareness – on the contrary ! – it is deliberate and premeditated action.

  18. The Defendant has been involved in unlawful act indicating gross malice and ill will, in defiance of laws and crossing the red line beyond the range of acceptable human behaviour.

  19. The Plaintiff is:
  • aggrieved,
  • outraged,
  • feels offended and vilified by such behaviour,
  • objects to being exposed to such conduct,
  • his private rights and interests have been (or will be) adversely affected by
    the wrong done and
  • makes this claim relying on the provisions of law:
    ----- "Competition and Consumer Act 2010" - Schedule 2-The Australian Consumer Laws
    - s 10-1, 18, 20, 21-4b, 224-1a1,2;
    ------"Fair Trading Act 1989" – ss 92, 93, 95;

The plaintiff claims the following relief:

  1. Due to the severity of the unlawful conduct the Plaintiff demands that the Defendant makes the public apology for the harm and the distress caused utilizing all major public media available in a clear and highly visible manner.

  2. Due to cold and calculated criminal conduct and the unrepentant attitude by the Defendant the Plaintiff request the Court to consider issuing the recommendation that the people associated with Bar Association of Queensland to be sent to re-education facilities where they will be subjected to hard physical labour to instil in them the respect for other people in the community.

  3. The Plaintiff asks the court to order the Defendant to pay the Invoice as presented
    of A$ 11 000 000.13 ( eleven million Australian dollars and thirteen cents )
    (exactly and approximately)

  4. The Plaintiff  reserves the right to add to this claim the legal costs and others suffered in the course of pursuing this claim and the interest at the commercial rate.
    I am in the process of creating the algorithm for the calculation of the interest on the money due. However initial calculation, looking at the array of the derivative of the variance between parameters and arguments of the difference between queensland barristers stupidity and their arrogance, shows values unbelievably huge and requires further testing.

The plaintiff elects trial by jury . 


Description: Plaintiff                                                               Dated: 03.07.2013


Your defence must be attached to your notice of intention to defend.


The plaintiff claims:

$ 11 000 000.13 ( eleven million Australian dollars and 13 cents )

$ 0 ( provisional ) for interest; and

$ 0  ( provisional ) for costs of issuing the claim and this statement of claim.

The proceeding ends if you pay those amounts before the time for filing your notice of intention to defend ends.  If you are in default by not filing a notice of intention to defend within the time allowed, the plaintiff is entitled to claim additional costs of $( reserved the right to calculate at a later date )  costs of entering judgment in default.

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