Anti-terrorism measures

The ‘ system ‘ existence and survival depends on instilling belief in population that it is both
‘ fair ‘ and ‘ invincible ‘ . Publicizing in propaganda phrases like ‘justice will prevail‘ , ‘human rights‘ ,
‘law and order society‘ etc , as supposedly having something to do with the workings of the system ,
is intended to maintain that illusion .
Once you grasp the grim reality that those assertions are false your life will be easier .
You will not succumb to intimidation and deception . You will find or work out ways of living decent life
without subjecting yourself to being terrorised or humiliated .
And do not miss an opportunity to hammer a nail in mongrels coffin .

How to behave when stopped by police on road

Although it is coming from US this information is applicable worldwide.
Questions like “Where are you coming from?”, “Where are you going?”,  “Who are you meeting?” have NOTHING to do with a “transportation stop.” 
They are used simply to get additional information that may allow the officer to continue his witch hunt and escalate the severity of the charge(s) he might make against you. 
Also, NEVER answer questions like “Do you know why I pulled you over?” or 
“Are you aware that you?”

How and why you should fight ALL fines – by an ex-Police Sergeant.

Time spent in courts - 1 hour every 2 months .
Giving excuses - learned from children .
Being sick certificate - on Medicare .
Seeing roos in courts howling - priceless .

Scott Bartle on http://truth-now.net/

Suggestions how to deal with pretended laws and institutions masquerading as 'lawful' and legitimate bodies . Simple method of asking a question – WHO ARE YOU ? - of those who claim some ‘authority‘ . In current situation seems to be preferred and effective method of getting THE POWER back into people hands.

How to win in court

It is not a rocket science - and unless you are completely mentally retarded , it is your right and the duty to personally present your case publically in the matter of lawful and peaceful coexistence in the community .

How to Complain About Human Rights Treaty Violations

Bayefsky.com was designed for the purpose of enhancing the implementation of the human rights legal standards of the United Nations. Accessibility to UN human rights norms by individuals everywhere is fundamental to their successful realization.

How to have your own web page_information and templates for creating web pages

Ability to create and store web pages on your computer gives you more flexibility and freedom .
It is not only anonymity but also privacy which have to be considered . It is the ability to be in control without prying eyes and if you decide to move all your site to another server it can be accomplished easily.
This is intended to help people with little web experience who want to say something publically and do not want to be constrained by the rules set by others in comments sections or forums on various web sites.

Hard to find copies of OLD ENGLISH LAWS which are still used in Australia

Those are the laws still valid in Queensland, Australia and possibly in other former English colonies.
I believe that some use can be made out of them in the fight against the system because in some cases they are contradictory to the newer legislations and also quite often they are ignored by courts and 'governments' because they think that people are not aware of their existance or validity.
Shouldn`t we remind them that this is the system governed by 'the rule of law'?

Please verify on the official list :
IMPERIAL ACTS APPLICATION ACT 1984 Queensland Legislation

- (1297) 25 Edward 1 ch 29 Magna Carta
- (1351) 25 Edward 3 ch 4 Criminal & Civil Justice
- (1354) 28 Edward 3 ch 3 Liberty of subject
- (1368) 42 Edward 3 ch 3 Due Process of Law
- (1623) 21 James 1 ch 3 Statute of Monopolies, ss 1 and 6
- (1627) 3 Charles 1 ch 1 Petition of Right
- (1640) 16 Charles 1 ch 10 Habeas Corpus Act 1640, s 6
- (1679) 31 Charles 2 ch 2 Habeas Corpus Act 1679, ss 1–8, 11, 15–19
- (1688) 1 William & Mary Sess. 2 ch 2 Bill of Rights
- (1698) 11 William 3 ch 7 Piracy Act 1698
- (1700) 12 & 13 William 3 ch 2 Act of Settlement
- (1702) 1 Anne ch 2 Demise of Crown Act 1702, s 4
- (1702) 1 Anne St. 2 ch 21 Treason Act 1702, s 3
- (1707) 6 Anne ch 41 Succession to Crown Act 1707, s 9
- (1750) 24 George 2 ch 23 Calendar (New Style) Act 1750
- (1772) 12 George 3 ch 11 Royal Marriages Act 1772, ss l and 2
- (1816) 56 George 3 ch 100 Habeas Corpus Act 1816


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