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Some people are confusing me with the black person of the same name whose photos are shown on search engines

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I want to encourage people who have understanding of the depravity
of the ‘system’, who have nothing to lose because of age or
other circumstances, are not afraid of possibility of being declared
‘bankrupt’ by the bankrupt system, have health problems -
to do something positive for the humanity when they still can.

Their very own day in court !

* they are talked about only in whispers ,
* they created mafia organisation the Italians can only dream about ,
* they infiltrated key government and community organisations ,
* they have full cooperation from subbordinate masonic Queensland police ,
* they have ' 33th degree ' mason among them ,
* they have several ' sayanim ' among them ,
* they can frame you to be charged and convicted for rape , child molestation or other nasty 'crime' ,
* they can get you disappear without a trace , even as a human sacrifice on the alter of the devil they worship ,
* they pervert the justice system but they are also in control of administering the same 'justice system'
* bla , bla , bla ........


04.02.2013 - I have lodged in the ‘ Supreme Court ‘ the case against Bar Association of Queensland . ( case no 928/13 )
Since that mafia organisation masquearading as a legitimate outfit is openly protecting antisocial , criminal conduct ; shows contemptuous attitude and predatory means when dealing with other members of the community and encouraging disrespect for the ‘ law ‘ -
I am asking the court also :
- to declare Bar Association of Queensland as criminal organisation and to disband it ,
- to declare those people as ‘ not fit and proper ‘ of holding any position in Queensland requiring trustworthness and honesty and to issue the order prohibitting those people from applying or holding such positions in Queensland .

Legal Services Commission made irrevocable legal obligation
In turn Bar Association of Queensland made their own irrevocable legal obligation
As any citizen of this country I am entitled to the protection by the law - lets try to go to Supreme Court. Here we go !

BAQ is registered as a commercial organisation - ABN 78 009 717 739 , therefore they should be subject to the same laws as any other Australian company .
Is the ‘ Supreme Court ’ going to uphold the ‘ law ‘ ? 
Is the ‘ Supreme Court ’

- just a fictitious , pretended creation - a façade over the corruption , dishonesties , rottenness
or …
- the respectable institution of impeccable honesty , fairness and justness ?
Does the law exists merely to protect ' homo brutanicus ' and jews or ... ALL CITIZENS of Queensland and Australia ?

28.02.2013 - After couple of weeks of keeping heads in the sand - the letter from Bartley Cohen lawyers engaged by Bar Association to act on their behalf in the Supreme Court.
They call it ‘ scandalous ‘ – and I absolutely agree !
It is scandalous that the people claiming the right to lecture others about law and justice and who belong to the exclusive pool from which Queensland ‘ judges ‘ are selected behave in such idiotically arrogant and disrespectful manner .

05.03.2013 - ' Bar Association of Queensland ' applied to court ' to have the claim struck ' as disclosing no reasonable cause of action .

14.03.2013 - So what happened in court you may wonder ?
Possibly anticipating my intention to make a submission the judge Ms Philippides declared at the start that she is a ' judicial member ' of ' Bar Association of Queensland ' and therefore , due to the conflict of interest , she is disqualifying herself from hearing the case .
I thanked her for her decision .

After few hours she informed me that Ms Roslyn G Atkinson volunteered to be an 'impartial arbiter' as she is not a ' judicial member ' of ' BAQ ' .
Ms Atkinson is known to me : mafiosos and sacredcow and I intend to object to her selection
( below ) as she is a barrister who , to protect interests and hegemony of BAQ in legal industry, infiltrated and paralysed workings of following organisations :
Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (1994–1997)
Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal - Member (1992–1994) and President (1994–1997)
Queensland Law Reform Commission - Commissioner (1990–1994) and Deputy Chair, (1994–1996)

and she cannot be considered as the ' impartial ' person in the case involving criminal conduct and serious human rights abuses committed by people strongly opposing introduction of ANY legislation protecting human rights and the protection by law of 99% of Queenslanders .

04.04.2013 - To reduce public awareness the matter has not been listed neither on official court web list, newspaper nor even in court itself . Quite quickly Mr De Jersey determined that it will be up to Ms Atkinson to decide if she wants to disqualify herself during the next court hearing RUN BY HER - to consider my application to disqualify her .( below )
No , this is not a joke - this is how this rotten and corrupt anglo system operates.
Since my formal court application is clearly directed against her she will be playing both roles – the defendant and the judge !
Arrogance and disrespect for civilized principles of fairness by those perverts is beyond boundaries. Or... this is the pinnacle of 'impartiality' ( a la Queensland ) the others can only aspire to ......???
My application will be heard by the person who is quite adept in 'kangaroo court' spectacle
therefore it will be good opportunity to demonstrate how much 'integrity' she has .

17.04.2013 - Ms Atkinson was adamant that she is an 'impartial' person to hear the case against her colleagues from ' Bar Association of Queensland ' .
Since I made a formal court application against her and she choose to preside over that court hearing she already showed her version of 'impartiality' by being a judge in her very own case.
I appealed her decision in the Court of Appeal ( an annex to Supreme Court ) and also requested the stay of proceedings. Court hearing TRANSCRIPT HERE


  1. I requested from Ms Atkinson that the hearing should be postponed until my Appeal ( regarding her previous decision where she was a judge in her own case ) is heard by the higher court and also
    I told her that I lodged in the Court of Appeal the application for the stay of proceedings.
    I asked Ms Atkinson to show respect for the legal system she is working for, the respect for court procedures and for her own senior judicial colleagues who should have the opportunity to express their views in such important matter.
    I brought to her attention the classical Latin canon ‘Nemo iudex in causa sua’ that means, literally,
    no-one should be a judge in their own cause and which has been recognized and applied extensively in anglo and international law ( and which she broke ).
    I reminded her that she is the President of Queensland Branch of the International Commission of Jurists therefore she should be aware of the international standards in such matters.
    I pointed out to her that as the Supreme Court judge she is representing Queensland legal system
    as a whole.
    ‘ What image are you presenting – is Queensland legal system a shonky, dodgy backyard operation or the respectable system which complies with international rules and standards’?
    Her response was that my appeal does not have a slightest chance of success and ‘Nemo iudex in causa sua’ is not applicable in Queensland.
    As the result everybody can now call Queensland legal system - a shonky, dodgy backyard operation on the authority of the Supreme Court judge Ms Roslyn G Atkinson.

    Verifiable achievements of hypocrite - Queensland Supreme Court judge Ms Roslyn G Atkinson:
    - in spite of former high positions within Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission,
    and Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal - she is human rights abuser
    - in spite of being President of Queensland Branch of the International Commission of Jurists - she is international law abuser. Court hearing TRANSCRIPT HERE ( Ms Atkinson order as PDF )

  2. During the next part of the hearing BAQ lawyers argued to strike out my application on the basis of s 171 of Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 as disclosing no reasonable cause of action, etc.
    I brought to Court attention so called ‘Balfour Declaration’ as the example that making a legal promise has legal consequences and is legally binding and so are BAQ letters to me !
    I wonder, if any of Queensland barristers would dare to go to Israel and say publically -' Jews, get out of Palestine because ‘Balfour Declaration’ is invalid and you do not have legal right to be here'.
    So in this case, just imagine legal significance of verbal vomit that making formal legal promise does not have any legally binding consequences.
    Ms Atkinson reserved making decision

07.06.2013 - The 'judgement' by Ms Atkinson for the 'setting aside' and 'strike out' my application involved juggling of irrelevant 'authorities' instead of rational look at BAQ conduct. Particularly, an attempt to disqualify 'service' as not a part of 'trade or commerce' is preposterous.

OY, Ms Atkinson - dictionary says - Trade IS = Purchase and sale of goods and services between individuals, businesses, states or nations.
Not to mention the fact that Bar Association of Queensland is registered with ASIC as a commercial organization and not eg.'charity'- and PAYING GST !

In practical terms Ms Atkinson chose also to ignore the evidence before her, particularly relating to the issue of the 'cause of action' as documented by the validity of 'Balfour Declaration' as legally binding document. (in her 'judgment' NOT EVEN ONE WORD about that important matter)
( Ms Atkinson order as html HERE ) ( Ms Atkinson order as PDF )

Do you know that average income of Australian 'senior barrister' is A$ 700.000 a year!
Many of them have multimilion yearly incomes just for posessing a licence to steal, lie and deceive.
Since, I spent time and effort to provide valuable service to Bar Association of Queensland, which may lead to their redemption, it is only natural to expect being paid for that. My invoice.



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