Facade of a Potemkin village

My public exposure of perversity of the people and institutions (those ' overprivileged ') is meant to encourage other people who are abused , persecuted and disrespected to speak up about own experiences and to act in a very public and effective way .
Even if on the surface there are no signs of any progress my believe is that the fight has to go on because it forces those usurpers of ` authority ` to think twice before stepping on toes of the next person . ( he might turn up to be a tougher cookie than me )
Naming and shaming will make them very visible in the community and harder for them to do what they are doing and warning others about wrongdoers and their methods will reduce the number of their victims since people with be more aware of those frauds.
The system of ` damnocracy ` is made purposefully irritatingly confusing , complicated and baffling as to discourage many people from attempting to fight it because you are expected to follow ` their ` rules , ` their ` approved methods.
My message to all you good people out there is to do something what you feel is right , and not necessarily to do it ` as expected ` .
You can offend only someone who has moral values system.

Common belief has that in a court a person is innocent until proven guilty .
Less known fact is that in ' anglo ' legal system the prosecution can throw at the accused person , with impunity , any lie they think may stick ( adversary system ) and it is the job of the accused ( or his lawyer ) to prove that a lie is the lie .
Anyone who has gone before a court in Australia soon learns sobering fact - the odds of the truth coming out in court are remote since in this ' legal ' system nobody is concerned about the truth but only about rubbery 'evidence' and a determined and experienced liar is given a distinct advantage.

The system is in place to destroy you while maintaining the pretences of the ' rule of law ' and ' fair trial ' and the whole set up and the trial judge favours the prosecution ( his/her colleagues ) .
All elements of legal industry ( naturally ? ) support only each other , and when they see that a part of it could be exposed as crooked they jump to their defence ( e.g.. ' defence ' lawyers – covering up DPP blunders ) .
People working for police or prosecution would need incentive or a reason to be fair and reasonable. In the current system they are clearly not interested in truth and justice but only in ' successful prosecution ' .
It is also unlikely that any Australian judge ( in reality just a dressed up lawyer ) will miss the opportunity to show to the accused ( particularly - a non anglo ) who is really the master in this country not to mention the fact of the manipulation of the court process , creating distractions and confusion when system`s standards are at stake .

For an average Australian citizen without big money , there is no outlet to voice outrage at the blatant abuse of principles of truth , fairness and justice .
Even the fact of being in the dock is prejudicial because due to the influence of the propaganda popular belief is that the police and prosecution would not charge not guilty person and members of the jury go with the flow as well .

Lets do not also forget about so important fact that lawyers ( ' officers of the court ' ) are there to earn money and you ALREADY PAID them UPFRONT the ransom of the ' professional fee ' in return for a vague promise !
Usually too late you are confronted with prevalent features among Queensland lawyers - appalling level of professional knowledge , the incompetence , disrespect , arrogance , often malicious acting in bad faith or against your vital interest .
There is no any serious attempt of effective supervision of the conduct of lawyers , who in spite of doing ' tricks ' are still ( ' officially ' ) considered to be ' fit and proper ' and of ' good repute ' and are able to continue deceiving other members of our society .
Not to mention the ability to continue their ' careers ' - becoming ' judges ' !!!
Those people are loud about the issues of honesty , justice , fairness and the truth but only when it involves other members of our society .

If such situation was disclosed as happening in any other non anglo country lawyers and judges here would be jumping up and down full of fake indignation at the blatant abuse of the civilized principles .
However , when it happens under their noses , in their own jurisdiction , by not taking any action and pretending that they do not see that , they actually show their true shameful character . I believe it is called ‘ participation in injustice ‘ .

What about the important question of morality , ethics and human decency in the sense as understood by most people but misconstrued by the manipulative perfidy of the system.
Legal community in Australia , so vocal when it comes to alleged injustice , unfairness or persecution in far away countries , is a bit shy when it comes to such things happening in their own front yard . They are doing nothing to get rid of rotten eggs within themselves and it is wrong not only from legal point of view but also moral and ethical . Unfortunately , the claimed  ‘ ethics ‘ in legal profession are actually terrorist methods of maintaining solidarity and monopoly of profession .
They are often described as ‘ society of mutual adoration ‘ for a good reason .

Creating the falsehood of mysterious complexity about the ` law` , purposeful confusion of the simplest of procedures and pretentious adherence to ostentatious desire for fairness serves exclusively very narrow group of people who contribute nothing to the community but through their privileges and machinations suck up its resources .
The system main strength is the collusion between various interest groups who have only one thing in common - pretending that they have public interest in heart while filling up own pockets.

This is not happening in Nigeria or Kazakhstan or similar places favoured by people ’ concerned ‘ about abuses of law and justice and so often ridiculed by Australian propaganda as rotten and corrupt – this is happening in Queensland , Australia .
Secondly , in places like Nigeria or Kazakhstan they still have few people honest enough to stand up to abuses of justice and power by those in power.

Like in every  rotten and corrupt system the attitude of lawyers  and judges towards the rest of the society is not going to change by itself – it has to be demanded by the society , those people have to understand that facts are not going to stop existing only because they are ignored.

Trying to bring to public attention not only the injustice done to me but also the rottenness and the perversity of Queensland legal system I received several letters from important institutions replying that there is the separation of powers in Australia therefore they cannot do anything . Institutions , so concerned about injustice committed in other countries by those terrible dictators and regimes .
Instead of patronising , preaching and lecturing what others should do in their jurisdiction what about doing it first in own country ?

HELLO ! Criminals are at large , isn`t there anybody knowing how to do in this situation the right thing and bring them to justice !

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