There are ' errors and defects ' in the legislation and in
the administration of justice which should be reformed
and/or removed otherwise they are producing or have
a tendency to produce feelings of ill will and enmity
among people living in Queensland .
Below , here is an endeavour in good faith of proposed way
of amending those ills by lawful means.

Lawyers, apart from being 'officers of the court', by licencing arrangements are forced to protect the interest of the corrupt and depraved system regardless what they say to you. Secondly, their greatest profit comes from 'government' jobs eg. Department of  Public Prosecutions, therefore they WILL NOT DO ANYTHING to upset 'the golden goose'. In both civil and particularly criminal cases you are better off presenting your case yourself – at least you have a chance.

Mission statement

1. Eradication of corrupt , rotten , feudal , evil system masquerading as ' legal ' system in Queensland.

2. Getting rid of dinosaurs on both sides of benches.

3. Bringing to justice in truly fair and independent people`s courts those in the ' system ' responsible for abuses of human rights and crimes against humanity.

4. Installation of FAIR JUSTICE SYSTEM based on truth seeking and impartiality with judges coming from all sections of the society and not ONE ' PROFESSIONAL ' GROUP - WITCHDOCTORS.

5. Achieving those goals through effective methods adaptable to circumstances and conditions.

Lets look at the reality of human rights status in Australia

Justice is my natural human right .

Justice is not a commodity which has to be bought for a price .

Justice is not a reward given by masters to their dependents .

Justice is not a privilege given at a whim of those in power due to offices they hold .

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