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I would like not only to acknowledge but to pay my respect to numerous people who in spite of hardship , ignorance and often persecution are maintaining , through their efforts , the dignity of mankind .
By making your own choices what to read you are deciding if internet is the tool of control , spying and tyranny or the oasis of freedom and truth.


The Australia First Party is encouraging people’s action to secure Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom - to sharpen any social or local issue of community significance to mobilize Australians outside of major political parties and organisations, both for electoral and in community action.

Australia should be a united, democratic and sovereign nation - standing on a firm foundation of truth, freedom and justice for all.

Australian Voice stands for a free, open and fair society … the principles of democracy that our forefathers intended when they penned the Australian Constitution.

The European Australian Civil Rights League (EARL) is creating a movement against the corrupt government sponsored multiculturalism and political correctness that is actively working against our people.


Fredrick Töben ( Adelaide Institute ) recently has been declared 'bankrupt' for not being able to pay 'court costs' to unduly influential crooks and liars . He is being persecuted for saying openly what others are only whispering about .

Suggestions how to deal with pretended laws and institutions masquerading as 'lawful' and legitimate bodies . Simple method of asking a question – WHO ARE YOU ? - of those who claim some ‘authority‘.

Larry Hannigan has been educating people about some basic truths in relation to economy, finance, law and social issues for over 40 years. He keeps on trying and on his web site there are lots of useful information for those who want to know!

WW2 veteran, born 1925, Proud to be British until the age of 70, when he began to learn that this is a ruthless, lawless, murderous & merciless Police State. He has waged a one man war against the police and Court system.

Love For Life is committed to the creation of Do No Harm, Kin Domain communities across Earth. Love For Life shines a light on the darkness of "The System" we live in so that we may all recognise that darkness and until there is nowhere left for it to hide. 

The adversarial legal system that we inherited from another country has numerous mechanisms which conceal or defeat the truth, and procedures which unnecessarily prolong civil and criminal actions

Kangaroo Court of Australia - The corrupt Judges and Magistrates and the Politicians and Police. There is no independent body to investigate complaints about judges and magistrates nor is there an independent body for the appointment of judges and magistrates

It is nice to see another wog challenging pretentious anglo legal system about professed respect for their own laws. As he does not have a web page, below are some pdf files to with samples of what he is doing.

For decades Evan Whitton has been observing how the law really works. He concludes that it's a cartel run by lawyers and judges for their own benefit. He argues that the European investigative model is far more efficient and just than Australia's adversarial legal system.

The banks have corrupted parliaments and courts in order to achieve their seemingly invincible position. Through the parliaments, banks have set in place legislation which form the blue print and provide the means to realize their goal.

Garth Eaton is no stranger to the denial of Natural Justice. He understands the helplessness, distress and suffering felt by Australians who have been stripped of their lawful rights and exhausted of every cent they have.

You have to laugh at the boldness and hypocrisy with which Corrupt Public Servants are displaying on the High Courts website, a copy of a speech made by former Judge Michael Kirby entitled: LIVING ETHICS TACKLING JUDICIAL CORRUPTION GLOBALLY

Justice Action is a community based organisation of criminal justice activists. We are prisoners, academics, victims of crime, ex-prisoners, lawyers and general community members.

Established by concerned Australian people who have been aware and disgusted about the corrupt and deceitful behaviour of the British Parliament , a succession of British monarchs , the British royal family , British and Australian politicians and the Australian and British Courts.

The aims of Networked Knowledge are to publish legal materials and to investigate and provide information on alleged serious miscarriages of justice . We take seriously the motto espoused by Sam Ericsson of Advocates International - "Justice is Truth in Action"

I have set up this site as an online archive of documents I have gathered over the last 10 years. I will be using these documents as evidence to prove my points. I hope that these documents will be of use to law students and activists alike .

BATTLERS - journeys of discovery of 'system' realities

More and more people are realising that their personal issues are not the result of 'individual' mishaps but the premeditated, deliberate, calculated functioning of the corrupt, rotten 'legal system'.

On 9 March 1996, 21 at the time, she was assaulted in her own home. Her front door was kicked down, she was thrown to the floor and repeatedly punched in the face. She had broken nose, extensive facial bruising, a chipped tooth and she lost consciousness. Her problem was that the people who assaulted her in her home were eight serving police officers in the Victorian police force.

'This is not a case of simple corruption in the Queensland Police Service. It is systemic institutionalized deparavity to silence free speech and give tacit support to corruption. This is why I`m still fighting'

Is the Court system of Victoria a sheltered workshop which protects dishonest lawyers and judges?

It's everyone's worst nightmare to go to court with watertight evidence and have their legal team conspire against you with the aim of favouring the other side.

For Legally Abused Citizens - Just how out of step with the rest of the world and common decency are six members of the High Court of Australia in placing their ' fellow traveller ' legal professionals above question ?

Sydney lawyers obviously don't like being exposed, they're making too much money, especially when there is so much unequivocal evidence to support what we all know to be true

Unjust Justice . The frightening thing about this story is that any innocent person could be accused of having sexually abused a child some ten, twenty or thirty years earlier.


Deborah blew the whistle on major corruption within the ranks of the NSW Police Force during the 1990’s. Her perseverance helped bring about the establishment of the Wood Royal Commission which lead to wide ranging reforms to the brotherhood.

Young detective sergeant Simon Illingworth had joined the force to serve the public and make a difference. But soon he discovered the price of standing up against police corruption was isolation and death threats.


Further corruption sites are regularly added to the main page . UNDERGROUND BOOKS THAT GOVERNMENT HAVE TRIED TO BAN.

Everybody and everywhere just talks instead of bringing those mongrels to responsibility

Cops are Top at corruption . Another site listing ad nauseum cases of police corruption

The 1979 Williams royal commission into drugs led to the abolition of the Narcotics Bureau and the formation of the federal police. Most of the narcotics agents were redeployed to the AFP. The Williams report remains secret.

Corruption is endemic within Australia's police agencies, and certainly within the Australian Federal Police and New South Wales Police . It also embraces crime commissions and other institutions charged with responsibility for police governance on behalf of the public.

Where to report corruption in Australia? - Investigateway.com.au is a private investigation portal offering facilities and services by Australian and international private investigators and agencies.

Whistleblowing and suppression of dissent . Brian Martin is Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia.


You can get here basic information , forms and info about representing yourself in court. USE IT Educate those people that " law " and courts is your property not theirs .

Very useful data base . You can get here lots of official information and download it

See how people in NSW are presenting issues and compare how Queensland stooges are doing that

Forum is monitored and moderated by lawyers but they let some information through

The Top 100 Criminal Justice Blogs

NSW - Providing opportunities for those involved in corruption prevention and fraud control to learn from each other

National Anti-Discrimination Information Gateway . Gateway provides a snapshot of each anti-discrimination system including information about the grounds and areas of public life on which a complaint can be made in each jurisdiction.

Anti-discrimination and human rights agencies in Australia and Overseas

Lawyers site - therefore requires caution as possible outlet to 'pacify' complaints.
The Human Rights Law Centre is dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights in Australia and beyond. We do this through a strategic combination of evidence-based advocacy, research, litigation and education.


Compare news as published by newspapers around the world

Michael Walsh , the author of " Witness to history "

Lesser-Known Facts of World War II .
All text researched and compiled by George Duncan.


I would like to encourage you to utilize various resources created and made available to protect your privacy, freedom and independence.

Please be aware that ISP`s in countries like USA, Great Britain or Australia fully cooperate with 'security services' (otherwise their licences and permits will be cancelled) and give all the information relating to your web activity going through their services.
In some circles TrueCrypt and TOR browser have opinion of being infiltrated by 'security services' to bait people into false sense of security. Therefore, work of many admirable people to safeguard our privacy and freedoms may be jeopardised.
Whenever possible use 'open source' systems and applications which can be verified for presence of Trojans and other malware.

Particularly easy to install and use . Protects your privacy and anonymity by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: It lets you access sites which are blocked .

The fully featured operating system which can be run from a CD or USB key . All connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network to protect your privacy and anonymity . Continuation of Linus Torvalds open source design .

Free open-source disk encryption software . Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file . Encrypts an entire partition or storage device such as USB flash drive or hard drive.

The GNU Privacy Guard . Allows to encrypt and sign your data and communication , features a versatile key management system , access modules for all kinds of public key directories .

Swiss knife for computers . Extremely useful and versatile shareware file manager for Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 .

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