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imageSavitri Devi describes how Genghis Khan, before engaging in the conquest, stood for few hours respectfully on the top of the hill in full view of his troops. When he came down he said -
That`s all they needed to hear .... and they went like fire.
Their task was to fulfil the command of the EVERLASTING BLUE SKY - numbers and strength of enemies became irrelevant.
That`s the attitude I want you to adopt, mein Kameraden!
Our enemies are doomed already !

20.11.2018_Workers protest in Brisbane

I have not seen such size protest in Australia for ages.
People feel in their hip pockets that there is something drastically wrong and attempt to call for the 'change the rules'.
Poor fellows do not realize that the problem is with the rotten, corrupt system, which may appease people by changing 'rules' (on paper) while still doing the same thing - robbing working people under pretext of 'taxes'.
Proper revolution is required and not 'aussie maidan'.
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Independence march in Warsaw

11.11 - is celebrated in Poland with particular importance as it is associated with regaining the independence after the collapse of German and Russian empires. This year, being 100th anniversary, was looked forward as particularly significant.

It 'worked' in many cities in Poland. In Warsaw over 200 000 gathered to celebrate but also to demonstrate their true feelings. The leading slogan during the march - 'God, honour, fatherland' may sound 'oldfashioned' but it reflects the revival of important human values. People are waking up from hideous propaganda of 'political correctness', 'equality', 'tolerance'.

Some other slogans were against 'evil empire' (USA) and 'eurokolhoz' (EU) showing that people see where the real danger, to their freedom and the future of dignified life, is coming from.
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Queensland = POOFIELAND
There is a war against us and one of the fronts happens to be running through 'education system'. Queensland government is forcing schools to adopt special program, with typical jewish hypocricy and deceptiveness called 'safe schools'.

The idea is to 'educate', from 6 year olds, that there are (currently) 6 or 7 different 'sexes' among humans. The number will change depending what drugs those morons are taking.

Jewish scientists also discovered that the concept of 'sex' is fluid - in the morning you are in group 'A', and after taking a booster you jump to group 'B', etc.
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As the result of public awareness campaign I received several messages which made me
conscious that I am not alone in my views about realities of 'damnocracy', hypocrisy of institutions and people inside them and destruction of human spirit by promoting traitors, crooks, liars, swindlers, fakers, cheats, poofters, phoneys, charlatans, cowards and other
willing lackeys in ALL areas of the 'governments'.

The dishonest system which depends on your honesty and obedience of the ‘laws’.
The system created by consecutive generations of crime families which protect their secrets
and transmit their schemes through subsequent generations of teaching their children
their criminal skills and passing this conspiratorial lore and subterfuge along.
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Bible v Darwin v common sense
Watching ‘documentary’ made by David Attenborough, "The Life Of Birds",
at about 5min.13 sec in the film, I was educated how birds were created from
‘scientific’ point of view, which is being propagated as the ‘correct’ and based on ‘science’.

Attenborough story goes like that:
A creature was sitting on a tree and underneath it, down there, were predators just waiting
for that creature to come down to devour it. And that creature was thinking that it would be
good idea to avoid predators and ‘to fly’ to another tree or somewhere away to escape them.
Thinking is a powerful tool and after thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking …….the ability to fly was developed. Attenborough (and ‘science’) does not say if that creature initially was just waving limbs to fly and feathers developed later or thinking was so powerful that limbs changed directly to wings with feathers..
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Waiting for the Führer
“Is it the end of the world as we know it?” that question comes to mind when looking
at the current situation in Europe and around the world.
Some people concerned about what is going on and inspired by ‘religious’ beliefs are waiting
for some kind of outwardly messiah who is supposed to sort out all human problems.
What about a real human, honest man with human attributes, not a mystic or fantasiser
but a practical person offering rational and effective solutions? – a Führer!
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I went to celebrate New Year to the popular place in Brisbane center – Southbank.
I have not been to this place for celebration for few years and after
the dinner we decided to go for a walk along the river where people usually congregate
waiting for the display of fireworks.
I remember that place from few years back during such celebration – families with children, friendly atmosphere, well behaved crowds and always majority were so called ‘white people’.
This year I was astounded – 90% of people were not white – blacks from Africa, Arabs
and Indians were the majority. Not even many Chinese.
You had to look hard to find a white face!
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Invasion of Europe
All those ‘refugees’ are coming from the countries destroyed by jews and their puppets, therefore
the proposed solution would be to encourage, by any means, those refugees to go to …ISRAEL!

This is ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’, propagators of diversity and multi kulti,
ardent defenders of human rights and criticizers of abuses in other countries – surely they will not refuse to accept and support few millions of poor, persecuted people from neighbouring countries!
‘Refugees’ – are largely SEMITES, therefore ISRAELIS have obligation to take care
of their blood brothers, otherwise they could be accused of being ANTI-SEMITES.

‘Never forget’, plastered to other people attention, could be reminded to Israelis if they hesitate
to provide shelter to victims of persecution. Different religious beliefs of refugees should not be
an obstacle to those virtuous, tolerant Israelis – we are all equal, aren`t we?
Refugees do not have to have risky travel on boats, it is a lot closer to reach, even from Libya,
than eg England, and those lovely Israelis should be very happy to provide them help and support.

Boats arriving at Greece or Italy shores could be towed to Israel where they belong!
Can you visualize long lines of people on Israeli borders, trying to find refuge in Israel in full view
of cameras and journalists, and pictures projected to every house around the world?

Just few years later ……………. no more problems in other countries in the Middle East.

First came Talmudic jews,
unfairly persecuted and victimized,
and you were repeating after others –
they are humans like us, we need to be tolerant,
understanding, open-minded, unprejudiced.

Then came poofters,
unfairly persecuted and victimized,
and you were repeating after others –
they are humans like us, we need to be tolerant,
understanding, open-minded, unprejudiced.

Now, are coming paedophiles,
unfairly persecuted and victimized,
and you remain silent
when they f..k you and your children!

06.07.2015 – Supreme Court with mafia stooge Flanagan.
I went today to court in one of my matters and waiting for my turn I was listening to some cases, as the learning experience, how lawyers, judges and courts operate.
A case of application for bail by a drug addict. He has been granted bail
5 (five) times before and in every case broke the conditions by having or selling drugs.
Outcome – stooge Flanagan granted bail for the 6th time.
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Just watched ‘Hellstorm’ – the movie, made by courageous people, about
the crimes committed on German nation by Anglos, Yankees and Ruskies
under the guidance of the manure of humanity – jews.
All those crimes are documented by real evidence and real witnesses, unlike
Hollywood deceptions or jewish fanciful stories about ‘6 million’.
When Anglos, Yankees and Ruskies are going to apologize for their crimes?
Apology from jews is not needed or wanted!

Overview is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCOKNCwHmQ
Please support the creators of that movie by assisting them financially
by buying Dvd http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/
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It is people who activate the court. The court does not activate itself. The court is dormant and uninvolved in the affairs or ordinary people. The court can be ignored by the vast majority of us throughout our lives. The Court has no right to interfere with the normal life of ordinary men and women until and unless a case involving those individuals is brought before the Court.
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Being a poofter is clearly to be mentally sick, being a 'proud' poofter should qualify
for locking in mental asylum.
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Lawyers/ barristers dishonesty is legendary. Characteristic example of how 'transfer of wealth' from hard working people to those parasites is accomplished.
A person had problem with taxation office. Lawyer initially (during first 'free' consulatation) told him that the matter is a clear win but that would require the assistance of a ‘good barrister‘.
The person agrees to pay A$ 40 000 into 'trust account'.
3 months later that lawyer tells him that the ‘legal advise‘ indicates that he would be better off pleading guilty in court in order to get ‘discount‘ in penalty. Convincing arguments are put before him. That person agrees to plead guilty. A$ 40 000 is gone in 'legal fees'. Read more....

From the book - The Sumerian Swindle - by G_d - Free copy download from

The Twenty-One Secret Frauds of the Sumerian Swindle are:
#1 All interest on the loan of money is a swindle.
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How jews were invented
How the problem of murderous Thuggees was resolved in India

How the Jews Betrayed Mankind - 1200 BC to 1000 AD
Volume II
The Monsters of Babylon

(available for download from - http://www.bamboo-delight.com/item_13.htm)

Much can be learned about any people, if you know who their heroes are.
It is their heros, to whom the people look for inspiration and as examples to teach their children.
The heroes of a people typify all of the qualities to which the people, themselves, aspire.
So, one may ask, who are the heros of the Jews?
Murderers, thieves, swindlers, rapists, child molesters, assassins, spies, hypocrites, liars, deceivers, betrayers, criminals, perverts and sociopaths of the worst sort – these are the heroes of the Jews. You can read all about it in their main book of instruction known as the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament.

A survey commissioned by the Anti-Defamation League, based in New York, says one in four adults worldwide are "deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes."
The survey included 102 countries representing 88 percent of the world population, and asked if 11 traditionally anti-Semitic attitudes were true or false.
1.1 billion adults in the world ! - more people than those believing in 'jesus' are 'infected' = 'sick' ??????
OY VEY!!! - Wouldn`t be that those 'devil`s chosen people', believing in Talmud and living according to its supremacist, racist, unhuman, hideous ideology are actually themselves infected = sick and they need effective cure???????
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For those people concerned about what is happening not only in Australia but in fact around the world – very interesting link to people from Europe trying to do something about it. Read more....

In spite of efforts by Queensland barristers and Queensland judiciary to the contrary - the human rights as recognised and codified by The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - are in fact valid law in Queensland. Therefore, any breaches of those rights by ‘judges’ are ‘criminal offence’ regardless of their shifty excuse of possessing so called ‘immunity’.
We - the people, have UNALIENABLE rights !

A short history lesson of ‘legal system’ from the excellent book - Our Corrupt Legal System by Evan Whitton which can be downloaded from here - http://netk.net.au/whitton/ocls.pdf
aaa_link_legal history.html

Such a pleasure to find out that there are in Aussieland other people who can think, see what is happening and voice their opinions.
Good on ya, brothers !

image In the sea of idiocy , political correctness and lies there is a little island created by Kenneth Humphreys - http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/
Very well documented and referenced web site demolishes lies , fables and fabrications starting with characters like 'David' , 'king Salomon' (who were copies of existing Egyptian or Assyrian rulers) to amazing 'virgin' Mary and even more amazing 'son of God' who was his own father and his own brother ('holy ghost') simultaneously! No, he did not suffer from split personality disorder - this is normal for a 'true god'.
In spite of claimed 'monotheism' they found it necessary to create multum of semi gods who are provided with some of properties of a 'god' - eg. ability to make 'miracles' and who are worshipped just like a full-fledged 'god'.
Lunatics in mental hospitals - you have so much to learn from 'shepherds' of human souls !
It is amazing how people who see through and talk so passionately about jewish manipulation of economy, jewish corruption of political institutions, jewish promotion of depravity in cultural and social life – still fall for another jewish trick – 'jesus'.
Christianity ( and all derivatives including islam) is the manufactured religion of obedience and slavery.
Free men have the natural 'religion' of RESPECT, HONOUR and DIGNITY.

imageObama ( who received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize) and the terrorists ruling USA are using proxies to destroy Syria and murder countless, innocent people - just as they did previously in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so many other countries.


What is the truth ?
Witnesses statements usually are accepted on face value without any analysis . When scrutinized - the evidence is challenged on all levels .
Quite interesting link about a person who was doubting the doubters and was challenged to :
‘ Provide a name of one person who could be shown as died in a German gas chamber during second world war ‘ (givemeonename.eu.pn/)

Great invention - Freedom of speech
We all got accustomed to that phrase and that concept, although we all know that in reality so called mainstream media will never publish anything exposing jews or shabez goi. Such matters can be only discussed in relatively narrow circles and in limited publications due to technological and financial constraints. So called public, even if they can have access to that information - are not interested, cannot understand it or are tied up by mortgages, debts, poverty and to the need to look after families, and often they feel that it could be unwise to expose themselves to threats or danger.
Instead of having thousands of spies snooping around among the population to find out who says what and to whom there are only a limited number of people needed to collect that information thanks to 'freedom of speech'.
So, the 'government' knows about you and me and if they tolerate us it is only because we are viewed as 'not dangerous' at the moment. But everything about us is noted and stored and can be used when the 'right' moment comes to neutralize the 'threat' to the groups mentioned above.
We can passively wait for the time of their choosing or make it irrelevant by fighting actively and NOW. Not by talking and writing but by ACTIONS.

image The Drone Ranger: Obama's Dirty Wars
Every Tuesday, President Obama personally checks off the names of people he wants killed. George Bush, a bit more squeamish than Obama, never did that; but Mr Obama felt those decisions were the president's responsibility: he 'wants to keep his own finger on the trigger', according to a report.
A tidy, scheduled man, the President only picks his victims once a week, now called ' Terror Tuesday'. Read more....

Max Sica

Sica was charged with 21 sex offences, including two counts of rape and one of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, between 15 November 2004 and 10 September 2008.
The girl, the daughter of a family friend of Sica's, alleged the sexual assaults occurred more than 100 times.
While Judge Shanahan said the complainant impressed him as a witness, medical evidence showed her hymen was intact. Read more....

imageHugo Chavez will be remembered as a charismatic and robust president.
He was unique in multiple areas of political, social and economic life. He made significant contributions to the advancement of humanity.
The impact of Hugo Chavez, not only in Venezuela but throughout Latin America and the world, cannot be overstated. The depth, scope and popularity of his accomplishments and his ongoing vision and demand for a 'new socialism of the 21st century' echoed around the world.
When millions of people around the world sadly pay homage to Hugo Chávez, corporate media still is peddling the lie that he was a 'communist dictator'. Chavez was a revolutionary who gave his life to the task of liberating ordinary people from slavery.

image In the period of expanding christianity those who preferred their own beliefs were mercilessly exterminated as ‘ pagans ‘ in order to subjugate all human beings under pretext of their ‘ salvation ‘ or the ‘ glory of god ‘ . These days the ‘ christianity ‘ was replaced with ‘ democracy ‘ and ‘ pagans ‘ became called  ‘ terrorists ‘ , ‘ dictators ‘ etc.
Of course all murders , persecutions and robbery is done for the good of ‘ mankind ‘. Read more....

image The media has successfully painted Gaddafi as a hard-core dictator, tyrant or whatever you want to call him. He was accused of 'sponsoring' terrorism etc. The reason was his resistance to the international cabal.
Libya resources include not only oil, but also as important water supply harnessed through the project for which Gaddafi will be remembered forever - the world's largest irrigation project - the Great Man-Made River project.
The Great Man-made River Project is a major water transfer and supply scheme which begun in the 1980s. Read more....

British government compelled China to open its doors to opium from British India , pompously pleading the virtues of free trade as they forcefully imposed large scale drug addiction on China . Most British 'aristocratic' families still retain the profits of that crime as the basis of their wealth .
When drug peddling became unfashionable they created just the opposite - ' the war against drugs ' - again making money through ' justified ' ' preventive ' wars on weaker countries . Transparent purpose was to maintain the monopoly over the transference of wealth and control of people personal freedom.
In both cases it has been ' legal ' and ' lawful ' - however , has it been ' just ' ?

Have they apologised to Chinese nation for their crimes caused by drug peddling  ? - Have they made compensation for millions of human lives , a lot more then ‘ 6 million ‘ ? Germans were forced to beg for forgiveness even for having their cities bombed mercilessly by anglos and yankies , shouldn`t anglos apologize for crimes of greed ? And creating world wide problem of such enormous dimension - isn`t it ‘ crime against humanity ' ?

My best lesson , about the complexity of human nature when subjected to overwhelming manipulation , was in 1999 during the hype of ' Y2K ' . I tried to convince and prove to many people that this is just a fraud . Read more....

I went the other day to see how other people are fighting for what they believe in.
It was  a gathering to protest against pollution of water created by coal-seam gas . I do not have enough reliable information to make up my mind about the truth behind some claims pro and against , therefore I was myself a good case of how people can be influenced and convinced about an idea . That issue is hotly debated , and appears to have a lot of passionate people writing about it and organizing protests , mostly in southeast Queensland . Read more....

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