Some of the articles , on variety of topics , which came my way by reading , searching , sharing and pointing to by other people and which I feel should be shared .
Regardless of the subject they contain at least food for thought irrespective of the fact if you or I entirely agree with the content .
Most are in small circulation , publically unknown , not popularized or are hidden from the view .

Democracy is a False God
Democracy can be a tool of despotism,
and it has no built-in safeguards against such abuse

False flag wars
Terrorism isn’t just bombs. It is also the pre-staging of the public through game
theory warfare, a subset of chaos theory.

' Patriot Act ' and planned exterminations
The staged 911 false flag terror attack provided the needed support to create the largest, most expensive internal police state mechanism in history

A Most Unlikely Freedom Haven
The place where the traffic seems to work in the absence of traffic cops and enforced speed limits

Holocaust or Hollowhoax
In most European Countries disputing any detail of this alleged historical event is a very serious criminal offence, which can result in up to 20 years imprisonment.

Devi, Savitri - Man-centered Creeds
Scientific outlook upon the material world,
has not broadened the Westerners' moral outlook

Revisionism and Pluralism
We are surrounded by hordes of mental pygmies without a single new or original idea

A History of Freedom of Thought
Man accepted beliefs without questioning and he is instinctively hostile to those not in his familiar world

The War on Terror is a War on Freedom
The policy of achieving political ends by
means of violence against non-combatants.

Clash of civilizations
One of better articles describing current situation as 'war of terror', purposeful and organized anninhilation of any oposition to amer-jews imperialism.

How to control people
The first principle of people control is not to let them know that you are controlling them.

I want the Earth and 5%
This booklet has been around for 40 years and it becomes surprisingly more accurate as it ages

Life In The 3Rd Reich
Real Experiences Of Those Who Lived Through It - By Friedrich Kurreck

The Rhine Meadows Camps
Christians showing their kind of compassion for the defeated enemies.

The comparison of 2 artists
Concept of artistic beauty seems to be
relevant to the people they represent

Man behind ' The myth '
I had been raised to believe in the impeccable majesty and justice of British law.....

A remarkable woman
Setting records in exotic jet- and rocket-powered aircraft and helping draft the first blueprints for a trip to Mars.

Introductory book to anarchism
It might be called utopian idea but it has
few points worth thinking about

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
For those in positions of power to control
the whole world with the push of a button.

A History Of Secret Experimentations
Experiments on often ignorant people using barbiturates, amphetamines, heroin ...and more

Australian Nationalism
There are people who want to be politically active without bending to presenting issues in ' politically correct ' manner

State of Queensland as a ' foreign ' corporation
Duly registered with USA Securities and Exchange Commission as a ' foreign ' company - subject to american laws and reporting requirements .

Commonwealth of Australia is a commercial corporation
The contempt by all Political Parties of the Australian Constitution Chapter One, Part IV. -- Both Houses of the Parliament.
Section 44 and Section 46;

Australian constitution differently
Some unusual information about that
' basic law ' as it is called by people with sense of humour

A barrel with lots of bad apples
Ethics is not something you can turn on and off. You can't be half pregnant.

Tip of an iceberg
A few unlucky ' protected species ' who lost favours with puppeteers and had to learn how other, normal people are treated.

Queensland barristers - dogs of law
Usually people talk about them in whispers and when openly address them do it in reverential manner .

The Code of Hammurabi
The judge who blunders in a law case is to be expelled from his judgeship forever

Sun Tzu - The Art Of War
Simple, coherent, consistent, logical, pragmatic, analytical, common sense and rational ideas .

Einstein - Plagiarist of the Century
Have you ever wondered why the 'greatest mind ' did nothing meaningful in 50 years of his life

None objected, however, to wearing the hammer and sickle on a T-shirt or a hat.

Would We All Behave Like Animals
"Social Darwinism" is naive extension of
biological evolution to human social systems.

Intelligent design
Not by natural processes acting blindly but
by a designing rational intellect .

Devils from heaven
Some of the forgery is so bad that they forgot to check the historical facts .

Dead Sea Scrolls revelation
Even people living there , at that time and working in the same line of bussiness
did not have a clue that ' jesus ' existed ?

Absurdities in the Bible
God opens the " windows of heaven."
He does this every time it rains.

Bible Contradictions
John 5:31 "If I bear witness of myself,
my witness is not true."

The Real History of the Crusades
Holy wars against Islam led by power-mad
popes and fought by religious fanatics ???

Zen and the Martial Arts
There is link between physical aptitudes and the way of thinking .

The Hidden History Of The Human Race
Critique of the scientific method , as applied to the question of human origins and antiquity

Reduta Ordona
Polish poem by Adam Mickiewicz which adequately portrays the struggle (not only mine) against tyranny

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